Oh you Bought a puppy
Millicent B-S


The very short, barely researched and totally off-the-cuff guide on how to deal with man’s best friend.

Once again, this is a short book. In fact, let’s call it a bookLET to avoid any confusion.

It’s about puppies. Everyone loves puppies. Have you been on Pinterest lately? Facebook? There are even television shows about them.

Puppies are adorable, which is why so many people want one. They romp and frolic, then collapse into fluffy balls of puppy-cuteness.

They’re everywhere.

Except at my house.

Excuse me while I shiver delicately.


My agent and I were having a perfectly civil conversation the other week, when she gently suggested that perhaps it was time for me to write another book.  Since my first effort, Bringing Up Baby, could hardly qualify as a real book, I was a bit perplexed by her suggestion.

She then mentioned the fact that I had, in the past year, joined no less that eight very distinguished writing guilds and organizations, and if I wanted to be actually accepted by any of them, then I might want to take this writing thing a bit more seriously.

The truth was, I really just wanted to get invited to all those posh conferences and parties, but I had to admit she had a valid point, and what would she suggest?

Dogs, she said.  Dogs are very popular right now.

I thought about that.   It seemed to be a very sound idea.  Except that I knew absolutely nothing about dogs.

She then reminded me that I knew absolutely nothing about babies either, and it hadn’t stopped me the first time.


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