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Nine days in France

Here's some actual news — I’m leaving for Paris on Monday morning.  I will be spending four days there, then two days in Rennes, then another two days in a town called St, Malo, which is a walled city that used to be a hangout for pirates. Then I'll return to Paris for the flight home.

Stealing Jason Wilde and The American Hotel

A few years ago, I treated myself to the ultimate girl’s getaway – a beach house in the Hamptons.  Of course, I couldn’t actually afford a beach house in the Hamptons during ‘The Season’, but I managed to get a great house right before Memorial Day that didn’t require me to sacrifice my first-born child.  I invited my girlfriends, the ones who had been sharing an annual girls weekend away for years, and (because I could) I asked my cousin Lisa if she’d like to come out and join us.

She said yes.

Four other of my friends said yes.

We were off!

Dear Downton Abbey

Dear Downton Abbey…

I’ve been a fan of yours from the very beginning.  No, I mean the real very beginning— not from the third episode after everyone started talking about you, and it was suddenly very cool to be a Downton fan.  I watched the very first episode, and have followed you faithfully ever since.  Even when you broke my heart.  And now, you’re drawing to a close and there’s something I want you to know.

It’s OK to have a happy ending.

What do you mean, too old?

I write about old people. At least, that’s what publishers would have you believe. When my first book was being shopped around, it didn’t sell because although several editors liked it, they thought that the heroine was “too old”. She was forty- five. So I self-published it. To date, it’s sold around 170K e-copies. Not a lot by some standards, I know, but it’s not just the sales that tell me people liked the book, it’s the emails and reviews I got that praised or thanked me for writing about real women over forty. 

The Reality Show of my dreams

A few weeks ago, Jasinda Wilder, who happens to be a husband-and-wife team who are not only great people, but write smokin’ hot books, Tweeted about the possibility of a reality show, The Real Housewives of Self-Publishing.  Since I happen to know some of the real housewives she hangs out with, I immediately commented that the world was NOT ready for a show like that.

But it got me thinking about a reality show, like Project Runway, but for writers.  It could be called The Novel Project, and I know exactly how it should be run.

Here Come The Brides...Again

I hope that there a few of you out there whose heart will go all aflutter, just as mine did, when I tell you… Here Comes The Brides is available on YouTube. I watched the pilot episode this weekend with my husband. It was like falling back to a very special time and place when men were hot, trees were tall, and little girls learned that there was a True Love for everyone. If some of you are foggy about what this TV show was about, let me give you a quick recap.

Moving on

Whew! My launch party was amazing.  I’ve always said that I have the best friends on the planet, and they were all there for me last Tuesday night.  They know who they are and how much I love them.  The really cool thing – total strangers came too!  People I’d never met before came to my launch party, bought my books, and talked to me like we were old friends. I had great help from the ladies at The Write Room – again – and we gave away coffee mugs, T-shirts and free drinks.  A wonderful night.

This close.....

Okay - Today was the last drawing of winners in my 12 weeks of swag giveaway - next Sunday is the BIG FINAL DAY - and all the weekly winners chosen from September 1st 'till now will go into one, giant pot - figuratively speaking, of course - and someone will win a Kindle Fire HD.  Five more someones will win a signed copy of A Slight Change of Plan.  Good luck to everyone. This has been SO much fun! Not only did I start a bit of a buzz about my book, but I met some really wonderful women who I know I will be hearing from on and off for as long as I'm writing.

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