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Mt. Abrams Mysteries


Mt. Abrams was the kind of small, quiet town where, as any of its residents would tell you, nothing ever happened.  That was why Ellie Rocca loved living there, even if her ex-husband did not.

But even small towns had secrets, as Ellie discovered when Lacey Mitchell suddenly disappeared.  Ellie caught Lacey’s husband in a lie, and one small discovery led to another until it became apparent that nothing about the Mitchell’s was quite what it seemed. 

Mother’s Day was just around the corner.  With a sexy detective on the case, and Ellie and her friends getting closer to the truth, can Lacey Mitchell be found in time to enjoy the day with her sons?  Or was something more deadly going on?



Mt. Abrams was exactly the kind of quaint, close-knit community that people dream about.  Everyone knew everyone else, people smiled and rescued kittens, childhood sweethearts lived happily ever after and everyone who lived there, when asked, would all say the same thing—“Yes, it’s a lovely place to live.  Nothing ever happens here.”

Everyone who lived there was, of course, lying. Mt. Abrams was exactly the kind of quaint, close-knit community where everything and anything happened, quite often, and to lots of people. There were moms who drank too much wine, kids who did drugs and shoplifted makeup from Lord & Taylor, adultery, vicious gossip (much of it true) and worse.

We all thought that a certain wife kept falling down the stairs way too often.  And the single mom with the drug problem kept sending her kids away to her “grandparents” and we all smiled and nodded and ignored the child services worker who came every week.  And, of course, there were “characters.” As my very good friend Shelly Goodwin often said, Mt. Abrams seemed to have a disproportionally high percentage of drunks, assholes and whack-jobs.

But the myth persisted.  Nothing ever happened there.

Until Lacey Mitchell dropped off the face of the earth.

For me, Ellie Rocca—divorced, working from home and in a little bit of a rut—it became almost a challenge to figure out where she’d gone, and more importantly, why.

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